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facebook smart lists

Ch-ch-ch-changes on Facebook and More to Come! [Video]

Following the furore caused by the release of Google+, it looks as if Facebook has been forced into making a number of changes as a response to the pe... read more
tesco domain names

Stuffing Keywords into Multiple Domain Names (Part Two): Tesco Can Do It So Why Cant I?

Following on from my post last week about how stuffing keywords into multiple domain names is a bad tactic (and shows bad advice from inexperienced SE... read more
multi domains

Stuffing Keywords into Multiple Domain Names: Why Advice Like This Shows You Which SEO Agencies to Avoid

Everyone seems to be jumping on the SEO bandwagon right now. Late adopters with less experience have seen a quick buck to be made and SEO agencies are... read more
Facebook London Science Museum Survey

Do we take things for granted?

Having seen London Science Museum’s latest survey this weekend, I am gobsmacked! In conjunction with their latest exhibit, Water Wars: Fight the Foo... read more