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digital marketing online

20 Tips on Digital Marketing Best Practice

Digital marketing is an attractive marketing channel for many businesses as it: gives your community a resource to come back to stimulates excitement ... read more

Evaluating Twitter – Great Tools for Social Monitoring

Twitter is the new direct mail. Or so it seems. Every business and their dog are getting on the bandwagon. And there are lots of reports of successes.... read more
Google Reality Glasses3

Augmented reality glasses – a glimpse of the future?

On 4 April Google used Google+ to announce Project Glass, a project to develop augmented reality glasses. If you’re not already familiar with Google... read more

Negative SEO – Will the Negative Finally Lead to a Positive Outcome for Webmasters?

First of all we need to explain exactly what Negative SEO is – it’s using SEO know-how to take down a competitor’s website – namely backlink p... read more