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DIY SEO for StartUps

Setting up a new website from scratch can be an epic task, but with a little forward planning and a lot of dedication, there’s no reason your se... read more

5 Tweeting Tips for Politicians and MP’s

With so much furore surrounding Olympians tweeting in the wake of the London Olympics recently, I decided to take a look at tweets by politicians in t... read more

Link Building FAQs for Beginners

Quality Backlinks are an essential part of any successful website. You may already know that, you may have read the same advice a dozen times over the... read more
Social Media Job Search

Review of “From Student to Salary with Social Media” by Victoria Tomlinson, Northern Lights PR & Marketing

I’ve worked with Northern Lights PR on various occasions before, delivering a bespoke SEO workshop and guest blogging for them on how PR agencie... read more
Top Ten Tips on How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Top 10 Tips on How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Following on from my last blog on how Facebook Fake Users Hurt ‘Likes , I wanted to share some simple ideas on how to create more sharable conte... read more

BBC Report Fake users hurt Facebook ‘likes’

The BBC reported last month on firms who are wasting money to gain “likes” from fake profiles and users who have no interest in their prod... read more