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Top 30 Blog Post Ideas: Part Two

Last week I shared with you the first 15 of my Top 30 Blog Post Ideas. This week we have another 15 ideas to provide further inspiration to help maxim... read more

Top 30 Blog Post Ideas: Part One

There are a number of reasons why blogging is good for business. In addition to improving your businesses’ SEO, blogs can provide brilliant and orig... read more
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[VIDEO] How to Set Up a Blog: 6 Things You MUST Do

Thinking of blogging? Already blogging? Are you doing the basics, do you have an author strategy, do you use an editorial calendar? Is your blog on yo... read more
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Vine: What is it and is it any good?

If you use Twitter – professionally or personally, you’ve probably seen an increase in six-second looping videos in your feed. They come f... read more

[Video] 20 Things Your Business Should Know About Avoiding Google Penalties

Do you rely on Google, what would happen if your website no longer appeared in Google Search? How much revenue could / would you lose? Penguins, Panda... read more

[Video] Social Media for Businesses – Make it part of your PR & Comms Strategy

Social media is a buzz word for online platforms that people can interact with, share and comment on. It’s the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linked... read more

[Video] Top 3 SEO Mistakes on E-Commerce Websites

I get to see a lot of e-commerce websites, here is a video blog highlighting the most common mistakes I find when doing e-commerce audits, and my tips... read more
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Ch-ch-ch-changes on Facebook and More to Come! [Video]

Following the furore caused by the release of Google+, it looks as if Facebook has been forced into making a number of changes as a response to the pe... read more