5 ways Pinterest can spark new life into your social media mix

Pinterest is more than just a platform to share images of exotic locales and gourmet dishes; it can also be a valuable marketing tool. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than other social media, and is an easy way to showcase branded pinterest-1084757_960_720content across other platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to act as engaging visual content.

As we previously mentioned, Pinterest is heavily content-driven, and revolves around directing people to the source of the content, using the image to pique their interest and the description to provide added value.

While Pinterest is predominately popular among women, male users have grown by 133% in the past year alone.  With 10million UK users, and 88% of users made a purchase, Pinterest really is the future of social media marketing. So now more than ever is the perfect time to get on the bandwagon and incorporate Pinterest into your social media mix with our 5 ways Pinterest can spark new life into your social media marketing mix.

  1. Use a Cross-Platform Approach

Although all are visual platforms, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat all have specific uses that can really drive revenue if used effectively. With the advent of more functions on both Instagram and Snapchat to focus on more content e.g. Instagram stories can allow for a wider reach, this increased functionality can be leveraged to integrate Pinterest. Pinterest content lasts around 3 months longer than Facebook and Twitter posts, and provides more value for potential consumers. By linking to helpful content that captivates the consumer, the social media web can be built to connect all social media platforms you offer. A consistent branding across social media channels can be extremely beneficial, especially with subtle motifs that can be used in Pinterest. Consumers are put off by overt sales branding, but Pinterest allows a more tasteful way of providing information to the consumer as a brand.

  1. Target Wisely  

The most effective way of utilising what Pinterest can do for your business is through effective targeting. With high conversion rates you can directly tailor your boards, pins, and shared content to the exact consumer you want to attract. Such specific targeting not only benefits your business, but also the consumer, as you will become a part of their journey. Pinterest allows related image searches for easier shopping, so choose the right pins and images and your conversions could bloom. With most pinning done on mobiles, consumers can even be actively targeted while in the middle of their shopping experience.

  1. Get Creative tree-1148032_960_720

Visual businesses flourish on Pinterest, which is why Venus Bridal UK is a perfect example of a company successfully using Pinterest, but every sector can benefit from the platform – as long as you are creative. Creativity is key in Pinterest. The boards not only exemplify what your business does, but can build the world around your business, enriching your sector and ensuring you are the go-to name. Venus Bridal sells wedding dresses, but their Pinterest sells the entire wedding experience, giving brides-to-be inspiration and added information surrounding the entire wedding process. Provide something extra and your Pinterest strategy will pay dividends.

  1. Plan Ahead…

Avid pinners are avid planners. And planning is a hugely personal journey that a brand can appropriate to both aid the consumer and increase its own reach. Reportedly, people begin pinning and shopping on Pinterest for Christmas up to four months in advance. That means now is the perfect time to create the compelling content that not only augments the credibility of your brand, but also drives traffic to your website and other social media channels.

  1. …But, Be in the Moment

pinterest-1183717_960_720What Pinterest does best is present enviable aesthetics to inspire and engage people. The most visually pleasing time of year is upon us. With Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas prime fare for attractive images, engaging content and enchanting aesthetics, use the time of year to connect consumers back to you. The image is the first point of reference, but the information provided by the image is what matters. Link your business to the time of year to truly make the most of this. Why not incorporate a festive twist to your usual activities to get consumers engaged? Capitalise on the flurry of hot topic searches from the holidays and allow for a broader reach.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you incorporate Pinterest into your brand’s social media activities and build your business success, or to make sure your business is ready for the busiest time of the year that is fast approaching.

Has your business got a Pinterest account? Which is your favourite brand using Pinterest at the moment? Are you reaching your creative full potential online?

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  1. Maybe I should open an account on Pinterest. The problem is the time. Too many platforms!

    • Jonny Ross says:

      Hi Dan, Lots of benefits, although it is about identifying your objectives, audience and goals first to ensure anything you do is 100% strategic and worth spending the time on! As long as you ask yourself these questions each time, then you can’t go to far wrong!