Top 10 Tips on How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Following on from my last blog on how Facebook Fake Users Hurt ‘Likes , I wanted to share some simple ideas on how to create more sharable content.

Here are my Top Ten Tips on How to Get More Likes on Facebook.

Top Ten Tips on How to Get More Likes on Facebook

 Tips 1-5 should be done before you invite anyone to ‘like’ your Facebook page. Then 4-10 should be done regularly after that.

  1. If you haven’t already, set up your Facebook page now! The sooner you do so, the more likes you will have by the time that important potential customer comes to visit.
  2. Fill in every relevant section of your Facebook page profile. Facebook scores highly on Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) for public pages, so ensure all information sections are filled in with relevant Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy. (If you need any help with this, give me a call – we do great SEO analysis and work with some fab copywriters.)
  3. Pick the right business categories. If you are a local takeaway business, then choosing the “local business” category will ensure you rank highly in both Facebook and Google local search. However, if you are a mail order company, choosing “local business” will seriously restrict your potential customer base.
  4. Post some content! Start with a couple of photo albums, and links to some websites, videos and blogs that your customers will find useful, with information about your opening times or new season product launches. Be generous and share information. Set up and link to Instagram and Pinterest (see below) so you can instantly share inspiring photos. The more you share, the more you will be trusted and the more people will visit. Remember, social media is about being “social” and not “selling”.
  5. Link your online spaces. If you have time, writing a blog is a great way to provide regular new content, which you can link to from Facebook. You can also now set up automatic links for cross-posting between Facebook and Twitter, as well as linking your social media sites with Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and others.
  6. Use your current networks. People who you already know or work with are the best source of new ‘likes’ when starting out. Personal contacts may be interested in what you’re doing even if they aren’t working in the industry, or may know potential buyers for your products if they don’t buy themselves. Just don’t spam people, send repeated requests or add large numbers of people into conversations, as the repeated notifications will just annoy them. This humorous infographic sums it up nicely.
  7. ‘Like’ others. Quite simply, if you spend some time liking other relevant organisation pages, they are likely to ‘like’ you back, especially if you follow up by commenting on their posts and sharing their content.
  8. Use “@” to share relevant news about other businesses on your page. Each time you do this, the news story also appears on their page, which opens up your page content to their audiences and customers.
  9. Tag people in your photo albums. Very important: this should be done very selectively and with their permission, so it doesn’t appear as spam. For example, don’t tag all your friends in photos of all your adverts as you will quickly find yourself ‘unfriended’. However, tagging a designer in photos of their items in your boutique shop, with a comment like “already had lots of orders for these beautiful jumpers by XXX” is fine.
  10. Post in the evenings and at weekends. While you work Monday to Friday, 9-5, remember that your customers also do, so are less likely to comment and share your content during these times. Research by Dan Zarella shows that engagement increases hugely in the evenings and at weekends, so if you want your brand page to grow – you need to work on it during these times.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful. There are some more great tips on Mashable and in my other blogs.

I’m always interested in hearing what works for others, so do take the opportunity to share your Facebook tips (along with what you do) in the comments box below.

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  1. Joseph Su says:

    Great post, great write ups, I was fully updated about the tips that you shared. Thanks! I try to used them.

  2. Linkedin works for business to consumer. I am not sure how well it works in business to business. We do not invest a lot of time Facebook, concentrating more on Linked in and professional networking. Does Facebook work for business to business in your view?

    • jonnyross says:

      @stuart I think it does, but it depends upon the business, ultimately there is an audience on facebook over half the UK population and key business decision makers are on there, its just about understanding how they use it and where they hang out! Do they interact with the local golf course page, if so hang out there and engage with them over there! Suprised you say your not sure how well linkedin works for b2b? did you mean to say that?

  3. […] idea, it solidifies your presence and can increase your reach. A tweet about your latest pin, or a Facebook status prompting your followers to have a look at your latest board, can expand your following […]