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FindPeopleonPlus. com

FindPeopleonPlus is a database of more than 45 million Google+ users – as a handy little added extra, you can also use it to find your LinkedIn connections on Google+ if they’re using it.  I was surprised to find myself on this database even though it’s something I hadn’t come across before – all the data was pulled in from Google+.  One of the coolest things was that when I clicked on my profile, a list of my posts on Google+ was included with the information with quotes from all of them.


WooRank is where you can go to get a free website review.  The review is done instantly and you actually get detailed feedback on your website with loads of information and suggestions on how you can improve the site.  This is a really valuable resource and it’s great to see the feedback change as you make the improvements suggested.

Slipstre. am is billed as the “best way to deal with too many tweets” – it works directly on the Twitter website and is a great way of filtering tweets so that you don’t miss anything that you shouldn’t.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a desktop app that you install on your PC and enables you to analyze and review a website from an SEO perspective – particularly useful if your website has many pages.  There is a “freemium” version and a premium version that you pay for annually.

GAConfig. com

This is the Google Analytics Configuration Tool (not affiliated with Google in any way) that allows you to set up your Google Analytics account with goals and key performance indicators.

Schema-Creator. org

This is another offering from Raven who also provides us with was developed so that web developers and SEO personnel can incorporate schemas (structured data) into their web design and content.

SEO Tools for Excel

SEOTools is an add in for Excel that will give you a host of useful functions for working with SEO and other web metrics in spreadsheets.  It’s a free download (but feel free to donate if you can – Open Source software and tools is such a cool concept that we should all donate to protect this practice if we can).

ChangeDetection. com is a page change monitoring service and notifies users by email.  This can be used for many reasons from business intelligence to policy changes to job notices.

Excellent Analytics. com

Excellent Analytics is a data grabber that facilitates importing web analytics from Google Analytics into a spreadsheet.  This is another free product.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a free Chrome plugin that allows you to take screenshots and then annotate them in a number of ways including adding text and blurring parts of the image that you do not want showing.  It’s a great little tool that is much handier than the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows.

Ahrefs . com provides some handy services based on backlinks and SERPs analysis – you can analyze sites of your choice (including your own), visually compare sites, analyze SERPs and create detailed reports to export to CSV for analysis.  There’s no freebie here, it’s all subscription services with a range of plans to suit different budgets.


Unbounce is a self-service option that allows marketers to create, publish and test promotion specific landing pages without the need to involve developers.  There are four packages ranging in price from $50 to $500 per month, but you’re offered a free 30 day trial of any of these.


The web-based software from BuzzStream can be used for both Link Building or PR & Social Media and allows you to develop relationships with word-of-mouth influencers online.  The cost is $49 per month with a free 14 day trial period.


Ubersuggest bills itself as “Suggest on steroids” – it’s a free keyword suggestion tool that makes use of Google Suggest and other suggest services.


A specialised Twitter search tool, Followerwonk allows you to compare relationships with others, visualize your social graph and track and measure relationship performance.  Some of the tools/functions are free to use while others require a subscription (ranging from $25 per month to $2000 per month).

FollowUp . cc

This is a handy email follow up reminder tool that you can use to create email reminders, integrate your calendars and integrate with Salesforce software.  FollowUp works in any email interface.


With the slogan “knowmoredomoremakemore”, Linkdex is a free platform where you only pay for actionable data.  You can get a free account and rank check your website immediately.


Berlin based SearchMetrics monitors over 100 million keywords, 75 million domains and all the major search engines and offers a complete range of tools for SEO monitoring and analysis.


MyBlogGuest is a community platform for connecting bloggers, journalists and other content creators.  It’s great for blog owners looking for guest bloggers and also a great place for bloggers to offer their guest-blogging services.


HARO (Help A Reporter Out) brings together 30,000 reporters and bloggers, 100,000 news sources and thousands of small businesses to promote their brands/products and tell their stories.


What tools have you used before? Can you recommend any others? Have you got any views on the ones above? If not go try them make sure you come back and let me know how you got on!

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