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Tips to tweet

It’s nigh-on impossible to avoid Twitter in the Social Media world, but it’s easy to overlook the benefits it can bring to any business and how fundamental it can be in any SEO campaign.

Twitter is easy for anyone to set up and use in next to no time, yet is constantly up-to-date with a sharing and re-tweeting functionality that can see word spread about events, activities and products almost instantaneously. Twitter provides an easy platform for creating a following, building awareness of your business, identifying and communicating directly with potential customers and where relevant pointing them towards your website.

Google lists Twitter feeds in search results – so it’s imperative that you put the same thought into it as you would any other area of SEO. So what are some of the key aspects to consider?

Setting out

A key thing to bear in mind with Twitter is to keep it relevant to what you are doing, starting with setting up and naming the account itself – if you are able to include your keywords in your account name it can be a huge benefit. Try and keep your biography unique, target your location where it needs to be and make your tweets relevant to your interests and website. This extends to any posts you retweet or links you provide – Google will pick up on the relevance of posts. Google will also look at the relevance of people you are following to what you are doing so it is important to factor this in when following people, as well as being a basis for networking and source of information (and content!).

Think about your company biography and make sure it has maximum impact – using a hashtag that is relevant can help when others are searching particular terms to follow.

Manage Your Audience

As well as looking at what is going out from your own account, it can be equally beneficial to look at the activity your account is attracting and how you can manage it. Google looks at the followers you have, not just in terms of volume but also what the accounts are. Try to keep on top of this, making sure to clear out any spam or inappropriate accounts following you. In much the same way that Google looks at your page’s identity, info and content, it will do the same with that of your followers – the more relevant they are to you and the better their content, the more favourably this will reflect on you.

Tools of The Trade

One of the misconceptions of twitter is that you have to be on there 24/7 and this isn’t the case by targeting your audience with select scheduled content, hashtags and interaction you can build your empire in a few hours.

Sign up to hootsuite, buffer or tweetdeck. These platforms allow you to schedule content at set times on set days according to your marketing plan. By scheduling the content it means that you can plan ahead for the month and then work your interaction around the set content you need. This is great for generic marketing tweets, covering your feed when you are not around and maintaining an online presence.

marketing throgh twitter

When scheduling tweets here are a few things to think about

  1. Do you have any new announcements about your business. Does your blog content go up in advance? Pop the tweets in ready to go.
  2. Are you updating your services or product range? Set up some tweets to start a buzz.
  3. Tweet your thoughts on links to your industry news
  4. Why not pop some trivia in there to start off engagement
  5. Ask questions, people love to be asked their thoughts

Use Hashtags.

Hashtags are searchable terms used by other twitter users and twitter. These are simple to use and should be popped at the end of your tweet unless they fit naturally within it.

Hash tag

An example of a good use of a hashtag is bizitalk where small business interact and promote each other.

The home of Trending #bizitalk where we Talk and ReTalk Business Promoting and Supporting Small Business – with a Smile! Be a Bizitalk Buddy #bizitalk
UK ·

Businesses find each other with a search on the tag #biztalk. For example;

Exciting news!! We are now expanding and moving into Removals aswell! #RT #London #Bizitalk #bbizi #Bizhype #nibiz #recyclelondon #locatebiz

@sprintink: Need Printer Ink? We can save you ££’s on all your printing consumables #bizitalk

By adding your location to the tweet you can narrow down your search by location.

Use lists.

Listing is a way to group together twitter followings into relevant groups. So B2B or consumer or competitor. If you start a lot of people it is a great idea to keep lists with regular and relevant user groups therefore enabling you to focus your time when online.

Here are two informative pieces about how to use twitter lists from Twitter & Mashable.

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